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Projects supported by the fund

Medical scientific aspect

The fund wants to win the fight against leukemia and gives help to the Michaël Van Waeyenberge stem cell laboratory in the University Hospital Gasthuisberg in Leuven (SCIL). The fund has already done several large donations.

The Michaël Van Waeyenberge Fund has been supporting the stem cell research since 2005. Daily paper K.U.L.

Psychological and socio-financial aspect

The Michaël Waeyenberge Fund intends to give psychological, social and financial support to leukemia patients and their families

  • Psychological support

Because of the great need for psychological counseling by leukemia patients for their adjustment disorders after heavy chemotherapy treatments, anxiety and stress, the Michaël Van Waeyenberge Fund has paid a full-time psychologist for many years.

  • Socio-financial support

The financial burden of non-reimbursed medications and because of the application of new therapies, viz. transplantation of bone marrow and stem cells, the costs for patients are still getting higher and even unbearable for underprivileged patients. Here the Fund also stepped in to pay the unpaid bills.

For the isolation rooms in the Hematology department of U.Z. Gasthuisberg, the Fund got music and film installations as well as customized furniture.

The Fund plans visits to film performances and child-friendly events for leukemia patients and their families.

Cord blood bank of Leuven

The cord blood bank of Leuven is public and free. The donated samples of stem cells are stored without any costs for the donor and are, based on solidarity, anonymously available for any patient with bleeding disorders around the world, but only if there is sufficient tissue compatibility (HLA typing). The Michael Waeyenberge Fund contributes to bear the huge cost to freeze the cord blood samples.