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Datum: 07/04/2019

Dear family and friends,


After 1.5 years of hard training, multiple injuries, countless hours at Move to Cure (thank you Bert, Thijs & Lieven), and hundreds of hours running I’m ready for it!


I’m running the Rotterdam marathon on the 7th of April in wave 1 at 10 am with start number 2287 (app is NN Marathon Rotterdam if you want to follow me).


I’m dedicating this marathon to our beloved Michaël, Giulia’s brother, who fought so hard against leukaemia, but unfortunately did not win the battle. In honour of Michaël, Giulia’s family and friends created the Michaël Van Waeyenberge foundation to help leukaemia patients and their family financially, psychologically and therapeutically, managed by the King Baudouin foundation.


Every gift, however small, is welcome. As a sweetener, though if you give 40 euros minimum (fiscally deductible in Belgium), we will offer you 1 week in our apartment in the French Alps in January next year for 6 people, whoever can guess how fast I will run the marathon.


Here are the rules:

-          For every 40 euros you can give one guess, pls send me back by email your time. For example if you think I will run the marathon in 3hrs, you put in 3.00.00

-          For every 40 euros you donate you can guess one time, so if you donate 120 euros you have 3 guesses.

-          If two or more people have the same time by coincidence, one of my sons will draw in a hat the lucky winner.

-          If I get injured during the marathon one of my sons will draw one time in a hat.

-          If I get injured before the marathon we will refund you, if you so wish.


I ran two marathons before, New York and London, in 3.11.57 and 3.04.59


I’m aiming for sub 3hours, but obviously anything can happen, so your guess is as good as mine. But rest assured I will finish the marathon, even if I have to limp to the finish J.


Banking details below:

IBAN: BE10 0000 0000 0404


Mention:  ***181/0650/03621***


Looking forward to contact you all with the final result in two weeks!


Special words of gratitude go to my coach Simon and my beloved wife Giulia. Thanks for supporting me, and giving me the energy every day to live the life I’m living!


Big hug to all,


Michael Saverys